An Edinburgh-based software engineer currently studying for a masters in marine robotics at Heriot-Watt University. A background in Computational Physics, with experience of a wide range of scientific and engineering mathematics., 


Graduate Engineer : SeeByte — July .14 - Aug. 15

I develop a mission planning, monitoring and post-mission analysis tool in Java.  More information about the company can be found at

Software Developer : Island GIS/ Levima — Oct. 12 - July .14

I develop a travel risk management application in Scala and Javascript. I capture 

requirements, develop prototypes, and I am the first point of contact for customers. More information about the product can be found at

Internship - Junior Developer : Island GIS/ Levima — June 12 - Oct. 12

Cable Wakeboard Instructor : Foxlake Adventures — June 12 - Aug. 12

Physics Tutor  — Apr. 12 - May 12 

Taught Higher Physics to a student who wanted to boost her grade. 

Sailing Instructor: Edinburgh Leisure, Port Edgar Sailing School — June 10 - Sept. 10  

Sailing Instructor: Edinburgh Leisure, Port Edgar Sailing School — June 08 - Sept. 08


Heriot-Watt University: Robotics,  Autonomous and Interactive Systems specialising in Marine Robotics M.Sc. — Sept. 15 - current.

For my dissertation I aim to control an underwater manipulator using a mixture of end-effector tracking and motion retargeting. This will allow the manipulator and end-effector to mimic the operator’s actions. I have also studied: Fluid Mechanics, Linear Control, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Embedded Software, Robot Mechanical Systems and Intelligent Robotics. 

Founder of the Wakeboard and Waterski club.

Edinburgh University: Computational Physics B.Sc. — Sept. 08 - May. 12

As part of my final year project we had to simulate a quantum computer. This was written in Java, as was the rest of the programming throughout my degree. I also studied: Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Dynamics and Relativity, Numerical Algorithms and Statistical Mechanics, Computer Simulation, Data and Analysis, Elementary French Language,  Mathematics for Physics 4, Global Environmental Processes, Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Computation and Logic, Meteorology :Atmosphere and Environment, Physics 2B. 

Member of the Wakeboarding and Waterski Club. 

George Watson’s College, Edinburgh — Aug. 95 - June 08

Higher Mathematics, Higher Biology, Higher Technological Studies, Higher Informatics, Higher Chemistry, Higher Physics, Higher English, Intermediate 2 Music, Standard Grade French, Standard Grade Geography 



Testing, evaluation and improvement of website performance. 

Programming Languages 

ROS, C, C++ , Java, Javascript, openCV, Matlab, HTML5, CSS, SQL, Scala, Python, Git,  jQuery, AJAX, Maple, Haskell


IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, Terminal, Emacs, Eclipse, Microsoft Office, Github, Xcode, 

Google Analytics, Keil, Simulink, Creo , Webots


Arduino,  Tiva C Series LaunchPad (ARM) , mBed


Darwin-OP, iCub, E-puck


Mac OS X, Windows, Linux



Geo Earth Enterprise: Quickstart

Basic Geospatial Concepts


An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python 

Functional Programming Principles in Scala 

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Control of Mobile Robots


Embedded Systems - Shape the World

Personal Projects

Instructables contest finalist

Winner of Edinburgh Tech Meetup Christmas Hack

Published articled in Design News website


Red Cross First Aid

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Driving License


Robotics, micro-controllers, wakeboarding, sailing, snowboard, photography, fencing, rowing and hillwalking. I am an enthusiastic musician and enjoy playing the Violin. In the past I have also volunteered for the RNLI.


Available upon request.