An Edinburgh-based software engineer. Recently completed a masters in marine robotics at Heriot-Watt University. A background in Computational Physics, with experience of a wide range of scientific and engineering mathematics., 


Development Engineer: SeeByte — Oct. 16 - Current

Graduate Engineer : SeeByte — July 14 - Aug. 15

I develop a mission planning, monitoring and post-mission analysis tool in Java.  More information about the company can be found at

Software Developer : Island GIS/ Levima — Oct. 12 - July 14

I developed a travel risk management application in Scala and Javascript. I captured requirements, developed prototypes, and I was the first point of contact for customers. 

Internship - Junior Developer : Island GIS/ Levima — June 12 - Oct. 12

Cable Wakeboard Instructor : Foxlake Adventures — June 12 - Aug. 12

Physics Tutor  — Apr. 12 - May 12 

Taught Higher Physics to a student who wanted to boost her grade. 

Sailing Instructor: Edinburgh Leisure, Port Edgar Sailing School — June 10 - Sept. 10  

Sailing Instructor: Edinburgh Leisure, Port Edgar Sailing School — June 08 - Sept. 08


Heriot-Watt University: Robotics,  Autonomous and Interactive Systems specialising in Marine Robotics M.Sc. (Distinction) — Sept. 15 - Sept. 16

For my dissertation I successfully controlled an underwater manipulator using a mixture of end-effector tracking and motion retargeting. This allowed the manipulator and end-effector to mimic the operator’s actions. I also studied: Fluid Mechanics, Linear Control, Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Embedded Software, Robot Mechanical Systems and Intelligent Robotics. 

Founder of the Wakeboard and Waterski club.

Edinburgh University: Computational Physics B.Sc. — Sept. 08 - May. 12

As part of my final year project I had to simulate a quantum computer. This was written in Java, as was the rest of the programming throughout my degree. I also studied: Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Dynamics and Relativity, Numerical Algorithms and Statistical Mechanics, Computer Simulation, Data and Analysis, Elementary French Language,  Mathematics for Physics 4, Global Environmental Processes, Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Computation and Logic, Meteorology :Atmosphere and Environment, Physics 2B. 

Member of the Wakeboarding and Waterski Club. 

George Watson’s College, Edinburgh — Aug. 95 - June 08

Higher Mathematics, Higher Biology, Higher Technological Studies, Higher Informatics, Higher Chemistry, Higher Physics, Higher English, Intermediate 2 Music, Standard Grade French, Standard Grade Geography 


Programming Languages 

C++, Python, C, Java, Javascript, Matlab, HTML5, css, SQL, Scala,  jQuery


Enterprise Architecture, Phabricator, Docker, Jenkins, Artifactory, Ansible, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, Terminal, Emacs, Eclipse, Microsoft Office, Github, Xcode, Google Analytics, Webots


Arduino,  Tiva C Series LaunchPad (ARM) , mBed



An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python 

Functional Programming Principles in Scala 

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Control of Mobile Robots


Embedded Systems - Shape the World

Personal Projects

Instructables contest finalist

Winner of Edinburgh Tech Meetup Christmas Hack

Published articled in Design News website


Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Driving License


Robotics, micro-controllers, wakeboarding, sailing, snowboard, photography, fencing, rowing and hillwalking. I am an enthusiastic musician and enjoy playing the Violin. In the past I have also volunteered for the RNLI.


Available upon request.