MSc - Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems specialising in Marine Robotics  

Intelligent Robots

Simulating the behavious of a rat in an EPM using an E-Puck (cowritten with Ioannis D. Papaioannou)

Investigating openCV using an iCub

Fluid Mechanics

Designing an aerofoil for a chosen aircraft (cowritten with Clémence Carton, Rhodri Davies, Matthew Dryden, Jonathan Fairfoull and Kyle Sutherland)

Review of Delta Wings

Robot Mechanical Systems

Using a Darwin-Op to find and place a pin through a hole  (cowitten with Markus Lampert, Nurgaliyev Shakh-Izat, Samir Mammadov, Hugo Sardinha and Waqar Khadas) 

Overview of Biomimetic Robotics


Litterature Review

Gesture Control of an Underwater Manipulator


BSc - Computational Physics 

Junior Honours Computational Physics Project 

Simulating a Quantum Computer Report (cowritten with Max Nolte, Martin Ru ̈fenacht, Mark Stringer and Justs Zarin ̧ ̆s)

Simulating a Quantum Computer Presentation (cowritten with Max Nolte, Martin Ru ̈fenacht, Mark Stringer and Justs Zarin ̧ ̆s)